Friday, January 20, 2006

Power of the stars and planets

Aaah! Those stars - so beautiful in the sky - and those harmless little planets: makes you wonder what possible direct effect can they have on your life? None, unless you are a Hindu. You see, the moment you are born, you get a free horoscope, from which you can "determine" your life till death! "Wow!" Yep, that was my reaction too!

Of particular interest is the role this plays in traditional Hindu arranged marriages. "Thank your stars" now makes sense!


Blogger vikram said...

Pramod, this is what i would call a self fulfiling prophecy.

you choose to believe and your belief makes all the difference. The power of suggestion and faith is something far greater than those stars.

a marriage is a turbulent thing and nobody is going to say they are happy in one, all the time! you can either take responsibility or blame it on the stars.

feeling bad about the ones that got away eh?

5:11 PM  

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