Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Why Bangalore rocks!

1. Food's great - you get hot, spicy home-cooked food. And SUN, SUN and SUN!!!
2. Lots of people around - so you rarely end up with laptop after work.
3. Aaaah - the feeling of living in your very own house!
4. TV programs are great, unlike here.
5. You get up to the noise of vehicles :p, washing of clothes and you can hear wind through the coconut leaves.
6. Whenever am back home, I am on vacation! :-D

Argh, guess I am just being nostalgic.

Disclaimer: This does not necessarily mean that I hate the place I currently stay at.


Blogger vikram said...

why the disclaimer? its your own blog right?

don't get started about home :-)

5:06 PM  
Blogger vikram said...


i have tagged you in my blog. you have answer the same set of questions that i have in my blog.

this should be interesting :-)

5:12 PM  

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