Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Techcrunch Seattle meet

Today was the Techcrunch meet here at Seattle. Quite a few people had turned up, including, of course, Mike Arrington. Few interesting startups in the Puget Sound that had sponsored the event:

1. Farecast : It's the 'forecast' for flight rates - it forecasts the flight cost for the next seven days so you know when's the best time to fly. Forecasting algorithm is obviously non-trivial - they have about five people dedicated to the algo itself. Will be interesting to see how this will pick up. I think this can make money if they can pump up their accuracy to around 85%.

2. Triphub : It's just the other day that we were informally discussing this idea, and wham! there's someone already doing it! It would add lot of value if it can advise me on the trip too, instead of just providing a platform to coordinate trips.

3. Redfin : Real estate service, like, but has more services than that. Check it out if you own a house - you might save a bunch of money by not giving commission to those lazy real estate agents!

One of the interesting persons I met: Chris Pirillo - the enthu and zeal that he packs is just amazing! We discussed about the recent comments he had on his blog - mainly regarding Windows Vista. He's one of the best critics of Microsoft products! And yes, he looks exactly like the pic on his blog! :)

On a lighter vein, check out this Sachin ad - ah! those good ol' days! :)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunscreen, it is!

If you haven't figured out what you want to do with your life, don't lose hope - listen to this and you'll feel good. As usual, Wikipedia has the info you need -


It's not the first time - almost all the financial sites that I access (like, and other bank sites) are always down on Sat. nights! It's like a weekly maintenance or something, without warning the users before-hand. Yeah, ok, I am more grumpy than usual!!! But hey, check this out - though am grumpy, I am supposedly a "benevolent leader"! (Yeah, feel free to blurt out a laugh). It took me a whole 15 minutes to complete it - in that time I could have... umm... never mind!