Thursday, November 09, 2006

Back to school... not quite!

It's been a couple of years since I passed out of TAMU. And a recruiting trip was what I was waiting for to rekindle all the memories! I was all excited (Ok, not tooooo excited! :-P) and after a 6 hr flight, I finally arrived at CLL: you could tell that even by the heaviness in the air! So I was driving down from the airport: I was all along wondering what reaction I would have soon after I reached CLL. But what I actually felt was something I hadn't expected at all: I felt sad! Why should I feel sad, of all things?? It bothered me so much I kept thinking and tried to get my thoughts straight. Well, it boiled down to these questions:
  • How come the standard of living (a.k.a housing, food, fun) wasn't as good as the present?
  • Was it all worth it?

For the first one, the answer's probably money. I don't know about the rich kids, but there was a time intially when I came to the US, I used to choose "Great Value" from Walmart (trips to Walmart was a pain too!) just to save a few cents! I think about it now and I feel so pathetic! And most of all, no car! Public transport sucked (and it still does) in CLL, so without car, it was pretty much {home-school-walmart-rent car during only holidays} routine! I can say confidently that I could have been classified as handicapped without the car! Many many more things that were missing then compared to now that can't be enlisted. Would the living be better off if I had stayed back home? Heck, ya!! But then, no pain, no gain. Which gets us to the next question.

Was it all worth it? Wow. That's difficult. After every major task, don't you ask the same question? For some, its obvious. For many, it isn't. We can never answer the whole lot of 'what if' questions! What if I had stayed back home? This single question forks off a number of other What if's. I know few people who are back home and are currently my age when I was in TAMU: and they "seem" to be having more "fun". So does that mean I would also have been better off? No one knows. Or ever will. So, answer to this: Maybe. At least, am on the positive side of "Maybe"! :) I guess that's what made me go to TAMU in the first place! :)

Analysis is not yet complete though. Gaaa, mid life crisis! No maybe, quarter life... No no, its not quarter life... and neither mid life... now that's a crisis!! hehe! ;-)

Current mood: Content