Thursday, August 10, 2006

Be afraid... very afraid.

So, you think no one is watching over your shoulder while you are surfing? Especially, while searching: using Google or my more "favorite", MSN search? With the recent blunder of AOL releasing about 20 million search queries out to the world, it's never been easier to know what all you search for. In fact, user 4417749 is one Ms. Arnold - and if you had googled yourself anytime, then it's all the more easier to identify you and your search queries! More interesting are the implications:
  • Advertisers are going nuts over the data: they know what you are searching for! It couldn't get easier for them to market their products.
  • Whoever got the data, know pretty much your life: what you do, what you want, what you are interested in, and ofcourse, some "deep secrets" about yourself who only you knew so far.
  • Ok, there isn't really anything more after the above point, is there?
And this illustrious guy also came up with this easily searchable UI: give it a shot and see what users search for!

I went through the privacy policy of Google for sometime: there's nothing that indicates that the data will be kept confidential. Its just a ticking timebomb I guess.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Beta Hydri: how's life?

Beta Hydri is one of the "closer" stars to us, and is one of top five stars where NASA believes life exists. NASA listed about 25 stars in the universe which are similar to Sun [couldn't find an online link] - and so, most likely habitable or it already is. With more than 70 sextillion stars out there, who wouldn't like to believe that there's life in other parts of the universe? Ah, it won't be boring afterall to have a few (non-creepy) neighbors! :)