Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Why Bangalore rocks!

1. Food's great - you get hot, spicy home-cooked food. And SUN, SUN and SUN!!!
2. Lots of people around - so you rarely end up with laptop after work.
3. Aaaah - the feeling of living in your very own house!
4. TV programs are great, unlike here.
5. You get up to the noise of vehicles :p, washing of clothes and you can hear wind through the coconut leaves.
6. Whenever am back home, I am on vacation! :-D

Argh, guess I am just being nostalgic.

Disclaimer: This does not necessarily mean that I hate the place I currently stay at.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Walking alone, eh?

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me and I walk alone

I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Where the city sleeps
and I'm the only one and I walk alone

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
'Til then I walk alone

I'm walking down the line
That divides me somewhere in my mind
On the border line
Of the edge and where I walk alone

Read between the lines
What's ****ed up and everything's alright
Check my vital signs
To know I'm still alive and I walk alone

- Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Friday, January 20, 2006

Power of the stars and planets

Aaah! Those stars - so beautiful in the sky - and those harmless little planets: makes you wonder what possible direct effect can they have on your life? None, unless you are a Hindu. You see, the moment you are born, you get a free horoscope, from which you can "determine" your life till death! "Wow!" Yep, that was my reaction too!

Of particular interest is the role this plays in traditional Hindu arranged marriages. "Thank your stars" now makes sense!